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Important surnames:
Graggo/Gracco - Oberleiter - Schaab - Neudecker
Ziegler - Mrazek - Gutschenek - Kindig

Werner Graggo  + Maria Theresia Graggo
Holzlaendestrasse 5
93047 Regensburg




Origin of the name Graggo

This surname derives from Gracco, the name of a very small village in Friaul, which is a political district  in the northern part of Italia.  Before transferring names from the friulanish language in the  italian language the name was Grach (speak: Grack) or Gracch. Gracco lies in the near of Rigolato/Tolmezzo (province Udine, Friaul). The inhabitants of the place are shure that the name comes from the name of a very famous Roman aristocratical family, the  Gracchen  (the most well-known representatives are Gaio and Tiberio Gracco (= Gaius and Tiberius Gracchus). The origin of the name is the reason for the different ways of spelling:  Gracc, Grach, Grack, Gracco, Graggo. Since 1744 the family is living in Bavaria. At this time Johann Peter Gracc(o) married Domenica Gussetti and he was accepted  in Munich as a citizen.

Professional family traditions

Two occupations were particularly important for the family. Since that 16. Century were at least 6 generations materialists (material dealer, in particular for the supply of pharmacies). Since 3 generations the occupation  photographer (early color photographers, inventor, yard photographer of the prince of Thurn and taxis) is predominantly exercised.

The family coat of arms Gracco

The original coat of arms is kept by M. Gracco in Rome and is provided with the following reference text:

Arma Gracco Lib. I.C.85

Cavata dalli Libri antichi di Antonio Bonancino nella contrada di S. Margherita aluminium Segnale di Antonio di Milano 1763



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Ancestors of Werner Graggo

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Ancestors of Maria Theresia Ziegler


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